Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Havelock Walk Open Studios

One of my personal favourite events in Forest Hill is about to happen.

Behind the main road (London Road) is Havelock Walk. This cobbled street houses an eclectic mix of artists in Live/Work studios, and twice a year they coordinate an "Open Studios" so that we can take a look at their recent work and maybe buy a thing or two.

The live/work concept is an interesting one and Jeff Lowe, one of the artists but also the guy who helped to create this little artistic haven in the first place, has been praised for the vision he had for this community.

Click here to visit the Havelock Walk site.

The next event is this weekend (not a lot of notice but I only just got the flier to confirm it was happening) Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2007.

There are 19 different artists showing paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photography and more. If you are around Forest Hill pop by and take a look.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Blogger Meet Up - Hot Summer 2007 Re-Mix

OK, there seems to be quite a bit of interest in scheduling the next Lewisham Bloggers Meet Up for July.


There has been a suggestion that we make it a BBQ, which would imply a weekend (maybe) and possibly even partners and families. I am relaxed about that, I am sure I can sort out the space if this is what we want - and if the weather cooperates.

On the other hand, as Michael pointed out, this might be a bit much of a commitment for potential first-time attendees - they have no idea quite how nice we really are, yet.

So, I'd like your votes/comments on the following options, please, and I trust these will not conflict with the BrockleyCentral gathering.

Option 1
13 July :: Friday (the 13th!) drinks at The Honor Oak, Brockley Rise, from 18:00

Option 2
14 July :: Saturday BBQ (late lunch/early dinner) at my place in central Forest Hill, for bloggers and whatever significant other / child / friend / mate / acquaintance / attractive stranger / ... they wish to bring along (within reason)

Any blogger from Lewisham or surrounds is more than welcome to join us. Spread the word.


After lots of chasing and checking, it seems that the 13th is the best after all. THAT IS IT. NO MORE CHANGES. Be there on Friday the 13th!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Door to door in SE23

Unbelievably (at least for me), the last time I posted about an actual walk, the supposed theme of this blog, was April 2nd. How embarrassing!

Interestingly, and spookily appropriate, the next walk I went on (WAY back on the 18th of March) was to distribute newsletters for the Forest Hill Society (hence the door-to-door bit). I have recently been asked, and readily agreed, to help out with some Forest Hill Society stuff so you will see my name pop up there from time to time too. This has included doing the layout of the next newsletter which I will be distributing in the next few days. If you want a copy, let me know.

So, March 18th. It was bright day. I remember because I was still suffering from a chest infection but it looked so nice I thought I wouldn't need extra insulation and only took a light jumper. That was a mistake!

My route took me from the top of Dacres Road, across Inglemere to Mayow Road then down to the very end of Perry Rise then across to Houston, Garlies and Allenby Roads. I thought I'd be an hour. It took me three. Thanks to the marvels of Google Maps, you can now take a look at the route here.

Several things stood out on the way. At the top of Dacres Road, at numbers 101 and 103 Perry Vale, is a mystery house. It has a plaque that indicates a date of 1797. The house cannot be that old (see discussion here) so it is a bit of a mystery why. The house is in need of some TLC and I see it is currently up for auction so you never know (as long as it isn't "redeveloped" by being knocked down).

The route took me past several new developments for schools in the area which is a very positive sign. The Forest Hill School Sports Centre looks quite grand and well provisioned. They are also redeveloping the main building and it certainly looks an impressive size.

After getting a little lost trying to find all the addresses for the members of the FHS (I think I got most of you) I emerged by the Prince of Wales pub - somewhere I probably need to try at some stage. The standout building in this area has to be the old Fire Station and the afternoon sun made it even more impressive with its shadows. It is a shame it isn't used for more than some basic Council offices (I believe the majority of the building is empty). Does anyone know why more isn't made of this landmark?

From here I walked a loop along Allenby Road (impressive frontages), down Houston (all the way to the very end!) and back along Garlies Road. There are some lovely houses along here. Certainly some of the biggest detached houses I have come across in the area. Unfortunately the light was not cooperating and I didn't get photos to do the road justice.

The newsletters were delivered by this point, but I took one little detour before returning home. I have walked many of the roads around here now and wanted to "fill-in" those I have missed so I headed up Pearfield Road. This is another quiet and attractive tree lined street which is a dead-end for cars and therefore quiet (bliss!). However, at the end I noticed a footpath which I followed to find the Forest Hill Bowls Club. Unlike some of the others in the area this looks still in use but is hidden away back here.

At this point I was rather tired and cold and the sun was about as low in the sky as it can be (as measured by the length of my shadow).

My next round of deliveries is already due (which means, as a quarterly newsletter, it has taken me a shameful 3 months to write this walk up) and I hear there are some great houses on this one too. Maybe one of yours?

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Just so I am the first to suggest it, I think the time has come for a further reunion for the Lewisham Bloggers and even possibly even spread our physical/virtual wings a little further into neighbouring boroughs?

Who is up for a get-together in July? I think I already know one or two who would definitely be up for it.

Destination: Forest Hill, I think.

If you are interested, let me know. Everything is up in the air, but leave me a comment and we can start to organise dates, invitations, getting your name on the bouncer's guest list, etc.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Events this weekend

What is it about this weekend that SO many things are happening at the same time?

I had several events I could/should have gone to including a wedding in Spain (where I am currently) and a family wedding celebration in Edinburgh (sorry!).

In addition, there are events in Brockley (Brockley Max), Horniman Gardens (Forest Hill Day), Devonshire Road Nature Reserve (wine tasting on Saturday, don´t forget!), and open gardens all over the place.

If anyone does go along to one or more of the local events (not the weddings), please do let me know what you thought of them.