Thursday, 25 October 2007

The end is nigh!

OK, too dramatic, but it is late and time is short.

If there is anyone out there that, possibly out of the kindness of their heart, or possibly the complications of removing an RSS feed, is still reading this blog, then I am sorry.

October has been absolutely non-stop for reasons I will not bore you with, but blogging has taken a seriously back seat recently. Unfortunately, the end is literally nigh (archaic: near), as it is already the 25th of October and there are many streets of Forest Hill left to walk (and write about).

I still hope to complete my task on time, although it will probably take me well into 2008 to actually write them all up. What brought the deadline home to me recently was a combination of being unable to find a free weekend to plan a meeting with a friend before the end of the year, and a suggestion that I could 'celebrate' completing the task.

Argh! Too many roads and too few days. However, the plan is to have finished most of the walks by mid December, and to celebrate the finish by inviting any of you out there to walk the last few steps of Forest Hill and SE23 with me (for a little company).

More details in the near future, but keep an hour or two of the morning of December 15th (Saturday) free, just in case!