Monday, 27 November 2006

Count me in

I have been away recently and therefore not had a chance to get going with the plan (procrastinating already, heh?!) but today I went out and bought my pedometer.

I bought it locally (as I encourage you all to do) at Finches Ski Emporium, who also do biking and walking stuff.

This is really basic stuff, but it seems to do a reasonable job of counting my steps, so all I have to do is measure my average step, and get an idea of how far I travel. I might just kep it around for the next few days to see how many (or how few) steps I take normally. I was surprised that even the short distance from Finches to my house is already about 500 steps.

The other thing to work on is to find a decent map of the actual postcode area. To be honest I am not sure how big a task this is going to be yet. However, long journeys always start with the first step (cliché alert) and from now on I will be able to count each and every one of them.

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