Monday, 26 February 2007

Walking around Forest Hill in company

70 people! Wow! Steve Grindlay rules! Thank you Forest Hill Society.

I knew that this walk was going to be popular when I first heard about it, but with rain and cold weather predicted for a two hour walk around Forest Hill on a Sunday, then one could be forgiven for thinking only die-hards would turn up.

But not the residents of Forest Hill, SE23.

I counted around 70 people at one stage and that did not include the kids in the strollers. What fun!

Interestingly enough, Steve took us on a tour of some of the key features of Forest Hill and his path almost exactly mirrored the last walk I described on January 15th. Of course, I have a lot more detail now so I will fill in many of the gaps at some stage.

Is there something unique to Forest Hill to make it interesting? I doubt it. I am sure that if you were to dig deep into any borough or area of London you will uncover a rich history. It just so happens that we have great views as well, and that we were graced by some rich and influential residents in the past.

Thank you to everyone who made the afternoon so enjoyable, particularly Steve and the Forest Hill Society. Maybe I'll be seeing a lot more of you out there with cameras, pedometers and notebooks on my next walk?

See you out there.

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