Monday, 24 September 2007

Walking again, at last

I don't really want to think about how long it has been since I last posted on this blog about the topic it is supposed to be about - namely walking around this lovely area of Forest Hill. If I do, I get that stomach churning, chest pain inducing, guilty blogger feeling.

Guilt is an underestimated motivator. Money and praise only go so far (not that I get very much of either) but they do not get you through the 'dark days' when there are just too many calls on your attention. Guilt, on the other hand, accumulates of its own accord, slowly building day by day until you can bear it no longer, and you either shut down the blog or get posting again with renewed vigour.

So here I am. Mea culpa! Forgive me, reader, for I have sinned. Hopefully after this I will feel better and normal service, of sorts can be resumed.

So, what really got me posting? Two things that happened yesterday. The first was the final leg of my deliveries of newsletters for the Forest Hill Society. No route around Forest Hill would be particularly easy and/or flat, but I did get a more than fair share of hills I think. One of which was Thorpewood Avenue.

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There are some lovely looking houses on this road, and if you are reading this, looking to move in to the area, I highly recommend you take a look around here. I have not been inside any of them, but there were some very interesting and unusual houses pretty much the length of this street. Of course, the combination of the main hill, the steps to EVERY door and the lack of interconnecting paths means I got rather tired. In full expectation of this I therefore chose not to bring a camera with me as well, so I have no photos to share this time.

This road rekindled my interest in discovering the history of the different developments and reminded me to post (at last) about the area.

The second factor I shall write about separately, but I was able to tour the upstairs area of The Capitol pub (once grand cinema, then bingo hall, now oversize Wetherspoon pub) and get a glimpse into its history as well. I plan on returning to get more details and some photos, so look out for more on this.

Hopefully you have not all abandoned hope that I would write about Forest Hill again rather than occasionally post random thoughts on recycling bins, trains, internet quizzes and dying buildings.


Courtney Hamilton said...

Glad to see your out and about in Forest Hill - I used to live a stones throw away from Thorpewood Avenue in the 1920's Council flats on Shackleton Close.

I was wondering if you've ever been down the tree-lined, tiny alley-way shortcut that leads from Shackleton Close to the front entry of Sainsbury's on London Road?

It's a very steep part of Forest Hill, and a very long alley-way - it's also pitch dark at night, with one solitary lamp-post in the middle.

Robert McIntosh said...

thanks for the comment - it has been a while

yes, I have, several times actually. I discovered it on my first walk up this way back in December (Blast off) and in fact, my own reaction was "badly lit"

It is a useful route, but certainly needs some work to it for me to feel totaly comfortable using it

Knit Nurse said...

I feel for you in your leaflet delivering hell. I did some leafleting around Wickham Rd area recently, and the combination of steps up to the above-ground flats, and down to the basement flats nearly killed me! Forget the gym, all you need is a paper round!