Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Blogging in Lewisham - 2008 motivator

Anyone out there fancy starting to plan another get-together for early 2008? I feel the need for a chat to get the energy flowing again to start anew in 2008.

We've already been here to Forest Hill, and although the Jolly Farmers seems popular, I wonder whether there might be somewhere else we might try that would accommodate us in such a way that more of us could interact? Last time we ended up rather fixed and unable to move to meet new people.

Any suggestions from other parts of the borough?

It would probably have to be mid to late Feb at this point to give us time to plan, so it is worth starting to ask the question.

What think you Andrew, Kate, Richard, Wulf, Max, and everyone else (too many to mention everyone these days)?


lewisham kate said...

Hi Robert,Sorry that last comment was me. (private blog with all of my coursework that i forgot to sign out of woops) im open to travelling slightly further afield than the Jolly farmers, I think Andrew had somewhere near Deptford earmarked to try out.
My only problem as always is chidcare, so thanks for keeping me in the loop but wont be able to say for definate if i will make it.

Robert McIntosh said...

Thanks Kate, I totally understand your situation, and maybe I'm jumping the gun a little as Andrew does tend to lead these things (not sure if he wants that role, but he has it anyway). I just needed a boost with blogging so I was thinking that chatting to other bloggers to hear their plans for 2008 might motivate me to get going with my new project.

We shall see

Wulf said...

What about the Wetherspoons in Forest Hill, in the old cinema (The Capitol?). I've only briefly peeked in there but it looked quite spacious and I'm sure I remember at least one local blogger publishing good reports of it.

I'm definitely up for another get together before too long and agree that, although the Jolly Farmers is an excellent pub, it does seem a bit on the small side for a reasonable sized group like ours to mingle.

Robert McIntosh said...

well it is an option. I wasn't specifically intending to bring everyone to Forest Hill again, although I must admit it would suit me fine. The Capitol is certainly a very interesting location, although soulless in terms of its welcome, but it does have reasonable beers (apparently) and a choice of wines.

As Kate says, maybe it is a time to explore somewhere new, like Deptford .. or even Hither Green (come across any new pubs on your walks yet?)

Andrew Brown said...

I'm game, but if we make it early March (say the 7th) I won't have to cheat on my month without alcohol.

I was thinking of the Royal Albert or the Amersham Arms - at least potentially - for the next get together.

fourstar said...

Hello all. Capitol is indeed spacious, but almost always full of people shouting at the football on the giant TVs (on occasion, including me, I have to admit).

So I'd be happy to try for somewhere in New Cross; either of the ones that Andrew suggested look good to me. And, as we are expecting Sprog #2 in April, it might be the last beer for some time!

Robert McIntosh said...

Great to get things going.

It seems a shame to have to wait until March (particularly on the need to get motivated to blog aspect), but if it has to be, then so be it. [Andrew, how 'religious' are you about this abstinence thing?]

I'm happy to try anywhere, so Andrew's suggestions look fine to me. Shall we set this as the provisional date?

Wulf said...

Maybe this frees you up to pick a location of your choice for a small evening of inspiration, Rob - sooner rather than later, too, to avoid clashing with an early April date.

ps. Hither Green is a bit of a pub-desert; partly through historical reasons (a significant chunk was built by a developer with strong temperance leanings) and, more recently, because the few pubs that are in the area seem to be getting closed down and turned into flats.

bagrec said...

I'm happy to go pretty much anywhere as long as it has proper beer. The telly in Wetherspoons is rather off-putting mind...

Clare said...

Hey - we don't all have to have booze do we? - a few diet cokes would go down nicely!

I am up for a meet asap so I can regale you all with tales of knitting, builders and goodness knows what!

Don't mind where, I'll even stretch to two buses away from sunny Catford/HG borders :D

max said...

I second Andrew Brown's proposal of the Royal Albert. Never been there and that's the reason why I second it. I also agree that's better to steer away from Hither Green.

I have an open mind about the date.

Andrew, maybe you can offset your drinking by paying somebody else for not drinking for you, I heard that that's not cheating.

Andrew Milton said...

I vote for the Royal Albert (presumably not a candidate in the Republican Primaries).