Saturday, 22 March 2008

Done Walking

The target was met, the map was folded and filed and the photos are all online. What is left to do?

I had thought I might start another related blog looking at Forest Hill past & present, but to be honest, I do not have the time. With an expanding family, the business and a growing focus on my wine blog, I don't think I could do justice to another Forest Hill blog.

So, I admit it, I am bowing out. Of course, the content needs to stay up, that is one of the great things about blogs - loads of seemingly unrelated content on every topic imaginable, that one day will be a researcher's greatest find.

I will therefore be keeping this site live, and possibly even posting Forest Hill related photos and thoughts from time to time, but I will admit to you openly now that these will be few and far between.

If you are interested in Forest Hill, there are two things you should do straight away:

1. Join the Forest Hill Society

2. Sign up on (and say Hi! to me there: my alias is RobWinton)

and in the best Monty Python-esqe Spanish Inquisition manner

3. Shop Local - and support local businesses.

Thanks for following my treks and hopefully we can stay in touch via this site or either of the sites above.


Wulf said...

I'll still keep an eye on this for any photos and thoughts you do post, and thanks also for inspiring my Walking Hither Green effort (I know all about the struggles to keep this kind of project going ;-) ).

Clare said...

Well done on finishing it all! I'll be reading your wine blog and hopefully you'll still be at the bloggers meets :D

Courtney Hamilton said...

I enjoyed reading your adventures about a not-so-well known part of London that I spent over 20 years growing up in. It was especially good because it was view of Forest Hill from an outsiders perspective (so to speak).

Best of luck with your future projects.