Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A gentle plug, and a reminder

Still catching up on the last few walks, and still WAY late on writing them up, however, I thought I'd at least use a moment to plug the latest addition to Forest Hill.

The Lemon Grove (no website that I know of) has now opened opposite Sainsbury's on London Road. We had been screaming out for a good, central cafe for a long time, and the new owners have not only provided a great looking place that actually serves good coffee (and excellent food), but they are nice people too. What more can you ask for? (Maybe free WiFi??)

If you are in Forest Hill shopping, on your way to the Horniman Museum and Gardens, or maybe browsing the Estate Agents' windows (we are an up and coming area don't you know!) you should definitely pop in.

As for the reminder, there is only just over a week to go until the next Lewisham Bloggers' drinks. Click here for more information on dates and times. If you are a local blogger and have not been to one before, or even if you just want to meet some of the people behind the blogs, do come along and join the party. Se you there!

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