Wednesday, 13 December 2006

It has started :: 3700 steps

Everything is now falling into place.

... I have my pedometer

... I have my map (see a detail)


... I have my new camera (more on that another time)

And we're off!

Yesterday I went for my first walk. 3700 steps, give or take a hundred. I walked past the Church being converted on Church Rise, down Gaynesford Road, along Mayow Road to Sydenham (where I popped in to the newly opened Dolphin Pub for a chat) and back along Dacres Road. [At some point I will find a way to map the routes.]

The walk was longer than this, but I'm only counting the steps within SE23 after all.

Loads of places to report. Gaynesford Road is famous for the Christmas Houses. I must look into this a bit more as they are quite beautiful, particularly the stained glass doors and windows.

Also on Gaynesford Road is the "Red House". It looks like a rest home now, but it is an impressive building so it must have some history. It sits between much more modern blocks and some other smaller Victorian houses.

Red House, SE23

This is one of the fascinating things about living in London. These towns developed over a long period and therefore there is a great mixture of architecture to admire.

3700 steps. That's about 3km, and I have only covered 3 or four streets, but its a start.

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