Thursday, 14 December 2006

Second walk :: 5,000 steps


This is almost building into a habit.

There are certain streets I have been down several times just because I live here so I am quite familiar with them, so I thought I would start taking some new detours.

Today's started by taking me past Rockbourne Road and down Dalmain Road. I know the bottom end as the Dalmain Primary School there is already gaining some notoriety for its recent "excellent" OFSTED report. However, the top end is rather non-descript as it borders the industrial estate.

Just before turning down the road there is a building I would love to know more about. It is sandwiched between residential buildings, but my guess is that it has something to do with the railway or post office as it says "Forest Hill 1901" on the frontage. Probably used only for storage now, but it is too new for the canal, so what was it originally?

As you go down Dalmain, and just before passing through a modern housing estate, you come to a junction with Wastdale Road where there is a rather odd site. The (Royal) Naval (Association) Lewisham Club. Not what you would expect in the middle of Forest Hill. Looks rather depressing now, but still seems to being used, even if they seem to have dropped the Royal Association.

Once you go across Brockley Rise, and past the St. Germains pub being renovated (more at a future date) you go up St. Germans Road. There is an interesting mix of architecture here. All sorts of different eras all one after another. Probably a legacy of WWII bombs.

Down again to the South Circular and facing the site of another beautiful building which probably has lots of history to tell, but looks really run down. Stanstead Lodge. Now it is an OAP's centre, but the cracks in the walls and broken guttering don't look very inviting.

Finally, the long way back, parallel to the South Circular along Vancouver and Loxton Road (with its interesting terrace with end turrets) and cutting through the foot paths to Sunderland Road.

Another 5000 steps and a few more things to research.

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