Sunday, 18 March 2007

A chilling newsletter

Well, I suppose I should have known better, but the sun was shining through the window and it looked so nice.

I volunteered to help with the delivery of the latest Forest Hill Society Newsletter (well, they did publish an article about this blog, so it was the least I could do). I got my pack the other day and although the addresses weren't all that near me, they seemed close to each other.


I went out to deliver the miserly 22 newsletters on my round. Almost 2 hours later I arrived home tired, frozen and in desperate need of a convenience break!

<< How's that for a shadow? I reckon its about 7 metres tall - almost life size! >>

Having said that, I used this as an opportunity to explore some more streets I had not been on and to take some photos, so it was time reasonably well spent. However, seeing as I am still recovering from this chest infection I think I ought to have dressed a little warmer.

I'll talk about the walk itself in due course (I am still playing catch up), but it was a good afternoon out and some good exercise all told.

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