Friday, 23 March 2007

some top recommendations for Forest Hill, SE23

Having already spent about one third of the year doing nothing but giving lists of routes, the time has come to take a little stock and maybe focus on a different kind of list.

Here are a few "top" recommendations for the area that come immediately to mind, lists that will definitely change and evolve as I continue my walks.

Top 5+ places to eat and drink:
1. The Dartmouth Arms (most consistently good)
2. Barcelona Tapas (just over the border, but honorary SE23 establishment)
3. The Honor Oak (new entry)
4. Babur Brasserie (only been once so must reserve praise)
5. Yune
6=. Kafe La / Tapastry (need to try both of them again)
[edit 26/03/2007 :: forgot to include Yune that offers great value, so added them]

Top 5 views:
1. View from the top of Canonbie Road
2. View from Brockley View & Blythe Hill Fields
3. Views (in all directions) from Horniman Gardens (top level)
4. View from the stairwell of building on Derby Hill Crescent (I imagine - it was misty the day I was there so I need to go back)
5. View from buildings on Eliot Bank (allegedly - not got in there yet myself)

Top 5 things I must get access to:
1. The Folly at the top of Horniman Drive
2. The Reservoir on Honor Oak Road
3. The Devonshire Road Nature Reserve
4. Brockley Hill Park (secret garden)
5. Christ Church (flats)

I will think of a few more. Any suggestions for entries or categories?


Anonymous said...

I'd also recommend the view over central London from the top floor of the flats in Greystead Road.

Robert McIntosh said...

excellent, thanks!

There is a nice view from Netherby Road (road level - if you look over the fences) so I imagine that it must be even better further up.

Can you access those stairs without being buzzed in? I don't actually like to randomly walk up other people's building uninvited, but if they are open ...

Peter Edis said...

Undoubtedly the best view of all is from the top of One Tree can ascend from Honor Oak Rise (just off Forest Hill Road)....a pretty steep climb but well worth it because the view from the top is fantastic ! Take a packed lunch up and relax on one of the benches - wonderful !