Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Feed the Reader

In case you happen to know about these things (I didn't until recently), I have added an RSS feed link to this blog should you wish to subscribe to this blog in your reader.

For all those for whom that meant absolutely nothing, please read on.

If you regularly read blogs, there are tools to help keep you up to date with which ones have new content. My own suggestion is Google's Reader. Simple and effective.

Once you have set yourself up on this, you can "subscribe" to blogs and when they are updated, receive a preview of that content so you can decide to read more or not. There are several ways to achieve this, but one of the most popular is RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

I have used a site called feedburner that delivers my content subscribers - all you need to do is click on the orange ("Subscribe to my feed") link on the right.

Any questions, let me know, but their sites are pretty helpful too.


Michael Abrahams said...

I've been subscribed to you via RSS for a while now. I use SharpReader as I prefer Windows software to web-based RSS Readers. Blogger provides RSS feeds automatically

IE7 comes with a built in RSS reader, although I have not used it.

Robert McIntosh said...

Good point Michael.

In fact I seem to be having trouble (already) with feedburner, but will give it a few more days.

I guess the point is that if you are "in the know" these things are easy, but simple buttons help those who are starting out in the blogging world.

I might trade RSS for atom as well

thanks for being subscriber #1 by the way.

Anonymous said...

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