Sunday, 15 April 2007

Back to Nature in London

I will be rather busy next week with a course, so no time to write up my visit to the Devonshire Road Nature Reserve in detail for a while. However, I just wanted to say thanks to the Forest Hill Society for organising a wonderful visit, and to everyone who gave up their time there to host us so magnificently.

The volunteers who run this nature reserve in conjunction with Lewisham Council are doing a great job and it is a place everyone in Forest Hill should take pride in, if not actively support. Little plots of "real" nature (as opposed to the manicured gardens and busy parks, that have their place, but are more about entertainment than nature) are an oasis from our every day stresses. We need to fight to keep the ones that still exist (I sound like a convert, don't I?)

More on this in future, of this I am sure. However, a quick note for those interested:

The reserve is open to the public on the last Sunday afternoon of every month and there is a children’s club on the first Sunday morning of each month. The wildlife garden and visitor’s centre is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays (term time only). We also run a number of events during the year, including an annual Open Day.

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