Saturday, 21 April 2007

Who's round is it anyway? (updated)

OK! I know. I owe Max and Andrew a drink. With all of us there I never got round to my round. Next event I promise to make it up to you - so maybe we can plan the next Lewisham Bloggers' gathering in Forest Hill?

Thanks to Andrew for pulling it all together and getting such an interesting crowd of people together. There are loads of things going on everywhere, and Lewisham is no exception. So why not expect a motley crew of bloggers covering a range of topics? The strange thing is how much we do have in common despite all the different lenses we use to review our lives through blogging.

So, you wanted some photos, and here they are. You can see the few I have salvaged. On the night I thought I might be putting various papparazi and even some fashion photographers out of a job with my skills as a photographer. Fortunately I have a day job to go back to, and they can continue to sleep well at night. Having said that, a few photos did come out (after much computer enhancement).

Thanks to all those I met for a wonderful evening. Just so I don't forget, I thought I would list the blogs of those who came to the event to remind me to add more links to them.

Andrew Brown ::photo::
[Someday I will treat you good]

Basswulf ::photo::
[Down in the Den]

Lewisham Girl ::photo::
[Lewisham Sucks & maybe Isn't Great for Everyone]

BONUS LINK: Kate - here is that site I mentioned with the kitten animations and the music: Rather Good, and an example of what I mentioned here: I want to take you to a ..., Independent Woman, (you have to watch both of these, but they loop, so feel free to click BACK!) Ninja Cats and check out the Morris Dancers link below.

Michael Abrahams ::photo::
[Forest Hill Society]

Bob ::photo::
[Bob from Brockley]

UPDATE: photo has been updated to protect the anonymous!! anyone interested in "disappearing" and entering the blogging witness protection scheme?

Andrew ::photo::
[The Ragged School Blog]

Max ::photo::
[Max's Stuff & Max's Ink]

Richard Sanderson ::photo:: - sorry none came out as they were too dark!!
[Baggage Reclaim]
BONUS LINK: Morris Dancing - just for you :)

Adam Tinworth ::photo::
[One man and his blog]

James Cleverly ::photo::
[James Cleverly]

Did I get everyone??

UPDATE: Sorry, forgot Tom Hamilton of Let's Be Sensible and I saw that two others who arrived but I didn't get a chance to meet you, Katy and publicansdecoy. Next time.


Andrew Brown said...

Thanks for the photos, there were a couple of others you didn't get to meet Tom, Katy, and publicansdecoy (can't quite recall his offline name, must have taken drink or something) that I can remember.

Robert McIntosh said...

thanks Andrew

must now properly update my blogroll but I have subscribed to all the feeds

Richard said...

Very useful little index there, Robert!

Publicansdecoy is also known as David.

max said...

Nice meeting you Robert, bear in mind that I also enjoy good wine.

kate said...

Hi was realy great to meet you. Thanks for adding the links, I saw the cats doing gaybar .... very good.But i am unable to watch anything else from that site as it makes my pc freeze.

Robert McIntosh said...

oops, sorry

some of them just take a long time to download I think, but they are all in the same style (I think you would have liked the ninja cats song and the odd take on "independent woman" though)


bob said...

Now you've blown my anonymity...

Great to meet you


Robert McIntosh said...

oops, I did wonder for a second

how about this as a replacement?

seriously, want me to remove these?

bob said...

Don't worry about it! I think I'll survive.

ploop said...

Surely a running commentary of disgrace and traffic cone stealing will follow?

Robert McIntosh said...

surely not!

bloggers only do that sort of thing virtually anyway.

we might drunkenly post a picture of a traffic cone on a google maps image of someone's garden instead

unfortunately hangovers remain mercilessly real

Wulf said...

Hangovers... that's why I was politely declining all the kind offers of further drinks but was able to wake up and enjoy the sunshine on Saturday morning ;-)