Thursday, 26 April 2007

Map of Forest Hill, London, SE23

More maps!

I've been updating some of my walks on the new My Maps feature (more of these soon), and I thought I would start with this one:

What, and Where is SE23?

Well, this is it, as far as I can determine. I think I may need to double check the Mayow Park bit as I thought at least part was SE23, but maybe not.


Anonymous said...


Try - they show postcode boundaries marked with a red line.

Here's the centre of SE23,173775&st=4&ar=Y

By the way, This blog is a great idea an interesting read. Thanks.

I did once spend a weekend walking around my neighbourhood when I was living in Tokyo ( but walking all of the postcode is a nice challenge.

Robert McIntosh said...

thank you anonymous

yes, I got my original information from streetmap, and I should assume it is 100% accurate, but who can trust these things fully?

thanks for the support. the postcode thing seemed like a good way to set boundaries and goals and measure my success (or otherwise).

the problem is what to follow it up with when the year is up!?

Robert McIntosh said...

by the way (David?) I took a look at your link mentioned above and I love the photo and commentary set up

great use of black and white too

I've never managed the "documentary" look of street photos, but it is something I would like to do some time


bob said...

Have you seen this wonderful thing:Wikimapia (zooming in on Brockley and Forest Hill)?


bob said...

P.s. at the top left you can add new places to the map!

Robert McIntosh said...

thanks bob

very interesting. I hadn't come across this before. I shall see if there is anything I can add to it

David said...

Hi Robert, glad you liked the photos. By the way, an interesting (and almost invisible) landmark that you might like to blog is the weathered little milestone on the corner of London Road and Sydenham Hill which marks the boundary of the borough of Camberwell.