Tuesday, 1 May 2007


I'd just like to say it is absolutely glorious in Forest Hill today.

I trust you are having as fine a day.


max said...

I can picture you walking about singing "Springtime...for Robert...and Forest Hill" on the melody of the best track from the Producers.

Robert McIntosh said...


how did you know?

Wulf said...

It has been one of those days where, as much fun as it is to spend all day fiddling round with designing websites, I cast a few longing glances outside.

However, at least I was able to pop home for lunch and eat sitting out in the garden and it's now time to down tools and head for home :-D

max said...

Robert: just common sense!
Wulf: I'm not as acquainted with the Bible as you are but I think that work is there classified as a curse.