Monday, 14 May 2007

Postcode Pilot

Apologies for the extended absence caused by what turned out to be a rather damp visit to Cornwall last week.

I have just read the following on offering more details regarding the "Postcode" show at the Brockley Jack that I mentioned in my last post. If you are interested, or know someone who should be encouraged to take part, please let them know.

I'm putting on a theatrical show/tv pilot at the Brockley Jack Theatre on June 5th and 7th as part of the Brockley Max Festival. The concept of the pilot looks at different postcodes around the country and the show will use SE23 as the guinea pig. The theatre will be a tv studio for the night as this is all in a talk show format. So... I'm looking for residents of SE23 to be guests on the show. Interested? Then please go to this link

.. fill in the questionnaire and return it to Need this by Friday 18th May, this Friday!

Successful candidates will be included in both shows in a 5 minute interview on stage (recorded) where they shall get to wax lyrical about there neighbourhood in a light hearted Norton/Ross/Paxman/Parkinson style interview. Easy-peasy and lots of fun.

If its not you but you know a great local character who'd be up for this then either send the link to them or conatact me via the same email address.

Any queries, I'm happy to respond!


I might even have volunteered myself, but unfortunately I am very busy during that week and cannot guarantee to be there both days on time. However, I hope to catch one or other night (from the audience).

Spread the word!

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