Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Walk It I say!

I am not a Green (with a capital G) walking and alternative transport evangelist, but I do admit that I try to walk when I can.

Long before I ever started the SE23 Challenge I decided that I would never stand still on an escalator or take a lift if I could walk up stairs. If you are a commuter, the best free "extra" exercise you can get is to walk up the escalator no matter how tired you are (allowances for baggage can be made). I noticed an enormous difference in my stamina in only a few months.

Having said that, Richard over at Baggage Reclaim mentioned a site I had not heard of called WalkIt.

The idea of the site, and the group, is that you could consider walking your intended route across London, so it offers directions as well as a measure of distance, time required and calories burned! Excellent!

Of course this is not reasonable for all journeys (I work from home now but I checked my old commute and it would take me 196 minutes at a reasonable pace each way) but if you have a meeting to go to, tell the boss you are off, then walk it instead next time. It isn't a lie, and if challenged, tell them you are investing the time in strategic thinking, your health and in minimising the company carbon footprint! Dare them to challenge THAT!

I have added the widget to my site although I think it will need a little more work on their side (it will show you the route from your postcode to Forest Hill station), but if it inspires you to walk a little more, let me know.

Walk It!


Wulf said...

You can mix it up as well. I am fortunate enough to work within easy walking distance of home but yesterday I had a meeting up in Central London. After some consideration, I decided to just get a return to Charing Cross and walk the route through town - not only healthier but also a chance to take in the amazing architecture to be found in the centre of the city.

Michael Abrahams said...

Unfortunately it does not know about footpaths. To take me to the station, because it does not know about a footpath, it makes me walk past your house.

I can't wait for people to start complaining about being on 'rat runs' with lots of walkers and runners using their roads to avoid the fumes of traffic.

Robert McIntosh said...

ha ha ha

yes, I can just see Ken's "Walking Congestion Charge" cameras appearing now. Maybe we will all need London Marathon style numbers to act as number plates and we can have little devices installed in our shoes to measure our routes and average speed.

I am not sure how they will deal with small footpaths but I assume they will update their maps if we give them more information. I'll check it out.

And if you are passing my place, give me a little wave!