Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Some random thoughts (and not really Forest Hill related)

1. I recently discovered a great singer and performer. Check out Imogen Heap (I use Napster but you can find her all over the place including YouTube - see below). Am I the last to find out?

2. Doing anything succesfully with the garden is much more about planning than the effort involved. I seem to be going around in circles and not achieving much.

3. Chicken!

4. Love your bum! (eberg is great - check him out on YouTube too)

5. I need to get out more!

6. 2-year-olds are suprisingly good at winning arguments. They can simply ignore your entreaties and simply get on with the offending course of action. I feel rather powerless sometimes.

7. Thanks to Fork Handles - check out Pickard of the Pops - a different view on pop videos (almost makes me want to watch them).

As I said, random.


max said...

Lewisham Council as a 2 year old?

fourstar said...

Pickard is great, isn't it :)

On another note, was fascinated by the Brockley Hill Park post as we live on Bovill Road, not a million miles from the residents-only park you mentioned. They keep that quiet, don't they - I suppose you would...

Interestingly, we are about to move to a house on Blythe Hill which seems to have a thriving user group to keep the park (with the most fantastic view over the rest of London) going for the community. We will be joining!

Robert McIntosh said...

Max, I suspect that there is a lot to learn from how we deal with large institutions and with recalcitrant 2 year olds

Fourstar/Four Candles, I would still love to get into that park, and may yet achieve it. I know little about Blythe Hill but I am glad to see the existence of a user group.

I think there is something particularly British about this sort of community. Glad to see we are doing things to keep such traditions and public spirit alive.

Good luck with the move!