Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Does the web have moods?

Is it me, or has the entire WWW been in a dark mood recently?

So many of the sites, blogs and forums (or fora for the pedantic and old fashioned out there) I visit on a regular basis are suffering from some sort of collective depression that I feel it rubbing off on me.

The "vibe" is wrong. Where once it was all positive and energetic, particularly a few months ago, now it seems petty and full of squabbles.

It seemed to kick off around the time of the attacks on Kathy Sierra in April. The news started focusing on the negative stories and the admins started clamping down on users. The result is that everyone feels irritable.

We need a positive blogging and web2.0 community story to clear the air. Any suggestions?


Wulf said...

Maybe it is time to take in some new blogs, forums and other sites? I can't say I have noticed a particular mood of malaise (although the Kathy Sierra thing was ugly and I was sad that she felt driven away from producing what was an excellent and inspiring blog).

Or maybe it just time to head out into SE23 and take another walk?

Robert McIntosh said...

Good point. I really need to get out again but I have been rather busy. I still have several walks I have been on to write up too.

As for new sites, maybe you are right, but I already have way too many on my reader (42 at the last count and not including many other local fora and work related sites).

Maybe it is just my interpretation. I shall try to be more positive.