Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Brown bins

Posted on with no response so far:

"A whole street in neighbouring Brockley, where my friends live, sprouted Brown Bins (to go next to the Black and Green ones) yesterday. No announcement. No letter. No details on the bin as to why.

Has anyone else seen these and know what they are for? Is Lewisham starting a composting collection service? There is nothing on their website that I can find."

Surely something Andrew or Sue can answer


Andrew Brown said...

I'm told:

"These bins are part of green waste collection service trial. The residents have been given information about the trial. It will be assessed against our recycling and waste reduction targets at the end of the summer."

If people haven't got the information I'm sure that the council will be happy to supply it again.

Robert McIntosh said...

Thanks Andrew. I thought this would be within your sphere.

Obviously they need to improve those communications as they were totally unaware of it until it arrived.

I'll let them know


Anonymous said...

As Andrew says, they're part of the green waste collection trial, which was one of the Green Party budget amendments accepted by the Mayor in this year's budget.

Robert McIntosh said...

Thanks Sue

We, and they, do a lot of composting anyway, but I imagine it could be useful from time to time

I take it that it does not cover the entire borough (specifically Forest Hill?)

Andrew Brown said...

Welll if Sue's going to do politics... it was a manifesto commitment of the Labour Group which probably made accepting the budget ammendment quite simple.

Robert McIntosh said...

now, now, now boys and girls.

In a minute I'm going to have James on here claiming is was all down to the Tories.


It is a good idea and thanks to all those involved for pushing this agenda.

Now, if only the residents actually knew about it so could use it properly ...

bob said...

I'm visiting someone on Stondon Park right now, and they've had a brown bin delivered - weren't sure if they'd had information, but thought it was for garden waste - I'd like one too, but don't know if there's enough room in my front yard!