Saturday, 28 July 2007

Summer distractions & floods

"Apologies for the lack of posts!"

I have read this around the place at the moment and it definitely applies here too. I guess the combination of summer holiday plans and the extra work you do to prepare for the break means that blogging time is more limited.

So, back to the streets of Forest Hill.

Well, they've been rather wet of late; wet rather than submerged which I guess we should be thankful for. I need to check out the flood risk maps again (I did this before we moved in and I believe we are fine) but I think we should be OK over here. On the other hand, despite Forest Hill being one of the highest points around London, we live at the bottom of that hill - and boy can you tell when it pours. The main road runs like a river looking for white-water rafters to dare to navigate it, but at least it has stuck to the road so far.

I trust all you have been OK so far. I believe there are small pockets of Forest Hill that have underground water courses (hidden rivers, such as one behind Sunderland Road I believe) so I hope you weren't badly affected.

[On the topic of floods, check out Flood London which seems to be about to come out based on a book by Richard Doyle. I am sure it is over-dramatising the risk, but at least it could help prepare us. Nice to see Forest Hill at least seems to get spared in his predictions. Nice photo on the BBC site today as well]

Here's hoping for a few weeks of sun to dry out the smell of damp that seems to be coming from everywhere.

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