Saturday, 14 July 2007

What an Honor

Thanks for a great night!

The 3rd Lewisham Bloggers Meet-Up last night (Friday the 13th) was a great evening out.

Lots of wine and beer (and a burger or two) were consumed and the more I drank the more (blurry) pictures I took. I apologise for getting carried away, however of the 270 (!) photos I took there were one or two good portraits. I hope you like them.

Before I publish them in all their glory for everyone those who came along have a chance to review them. Nothing untoward to report, but I realise one or two would like to keep a low profile. Check out the facebook event Wall for the link, or email me at: (replacing the relevant characters!) and I'll send you the guest pass.

[UPDATE: Check out some of the photos here]

Thanks a lot to those who came along, even if it was for a short time. It is great to see how committed this group is, walking several miles (Wulf) or popping in before dinner duty (Max) just to say hello. I really appreciate the support and I think it says a lot about our community spirit.

Great to see all those who turned up, including:
Mr "Last Bus Home"
(have I missed someone?)

It was great to see a some new faces as well as those I met last time, and I am sorry that a few couldn't make it in the end - maybe next time! Kate, I still owe you a drink.

Thanks to everyone for helping to put this together and thanks to The Honor Oak as a great venue (even with the rowdy teachers!). Don't forget we must put together a definitive Lewisham Bloggers list that we all include on our sites to raise the profile of these great areas.

See you all again soon I hope


fourstar said...

Well said, Robert. It was great to meet some fellow Lewisham bloggers; shame I had to leave as early as I did on this occasion (especially as The Honor Oak is my local!)

Still, I now have at least half a dozen more blogs to check out whilst (pretending to be) working. Ho hum :)

Robert McIntosh said...

yeah, it can easily get out of hand

nice to meet you and maybe as we are so local w can arrange a mini FH version - easier to coordinate

have you checked out the photos? some good ones. email me if you need access - I'm loathe to just put up the link at this stage

bob said...

Thanks for hosting - I realise arriving late I missed a few folks - but had a great time

Transpontine said...

Cheers Robert, good choice of venue, your stamina was impressive as you must have been first to arrive and among the last to leave. I think sticking to the wine was your secret - those who swtiched to beer suffered the inevitable consequence.

andreworford ªº said...

Sorry I didnt reply to the invite, let alone come to the meetup. I was gutted when I found Id missed it, the first smoke free meet up. I have set blogger to email me when comments are left and it works only 30% of the time. I havnt logged into my 'dashboard' until today, so far too late. I think you chose a good venue, in this vein I should point out to your readers that 'The Two Brewers' on Perry Hill is now a gastropub called ' The Perry Hill' with a very large outdoor space.

Robert McIntosh said...

Sorry you missed it Andrew. I had no way to chase you down so I thought you were avoiding us (sniff!).

Anyway, there should be a next one in a few months I guess. Not sure who will organise that one but I'm guessing the northern lewisham bloggers might have a say in heading that direction instead for that one.

Thanks for the heads up on The Perry Hill.