Friday, 10 August 2007


So, when you are away from home, what do you miss the most about your area (not counting your own home)?

I'm not sure I can think of very much. As much as I like Forest Hill, I can't think of anything I would sit and pine for. In fact, having been away for a bit, there are things I can't understand why we DON'T have here - but I guess that is because there are so many other places we can go to buy things other than on our own doorstep, unlike the smaller towns and villages we visit when on holiday.

I think that is the main argument against thinking of Forest Hill as a "Village" as has been raised elsewhere (on some months ago). We don't really live locally as it is too easy to go to East Dulwich, Lewisham, London Bridge, etc. by car or public transport when we need something. There is little incentive for a new business to set up here, such as a bakery, coffee shop or book shop. There is very little passing trade.

Perversely, maybe one of the best ways to generate business in Forest Hill is to reduce parking and the focus on cars, and encourage more of us to walk around the centre and therefore past more shop windows. With the increase in passing trade, more impulse shopping outlets might survive and we could generate more money for local businesses.

See! Forest Hill. Walking. Streets. Keeping up my little theme after all!

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kate said...

i miss the closeness of local amenities i can go out at any time and get almost anything i need. when i have been away from lewisham its been to rural places which i love but it shows how much i rely on things being near. I also miss sirens in a wierd kind of way,living near a hospital, fire station and police station we have sirens all the time.