Saturday, 25 August 2007

The other face of Forest Hill

No, not a post about dodgy going-ons behind lace curtains, nor an expose on 'alternative' activities, sorry.

It's all about facebook! What's facebook I hear you ask? Well, if you haven't heard about it, I'm sure you will soon. Click here for just one of the stories already covering it on the BBC.

Facebook was originally for university students in North America, but it has spread like wildfire recently and as more and more people join, it is becoming a very exciting place to meet existing friends, people who share the same interests, and, for a change, your neighbours.

Few web sites actually allow you to interact with people locally. We are extremely lucky in Forest Hill to have, but it is a rare thing.

With facebook you can get in touch with others (assuming you want to) and learn about their interests and actually have a chance to meet up with them in the Dartmouth Arms or Honor Oak. Pretty nifty.

In fact, The Honor Oak actually has its own group of fans on facebook already where you can chat, read about the events, get to know about that person you've seen in there a few times, ...

If you decide to check it out you will need to register (I know, that's a pain, but to give you an idea you can click here to see my public profile). If you do, there are loads of forums for Forest Hill already, including:

Forest Hill and Proud (179 members)
Forest Hill peeps (10 members)
The Forest Hill, SE23 Appriciation society (509 members) [I wish they could spell]
194 Crew Appreciation Society (18 members) [see, they can spell it]
The HOP (7 members) [that's friends of Honor Oak Park]
Singers in New Cross / Brockley / Forest Hil (22 members) [yes, they missed an 'l']
The Honor Oak's Virtual Pub (28 members)

and there are tons more for Lewisham and surrounds.

If you are interested in meeting up, check out facebook and get in touch with me there

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