Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Any idea how big SE23 is?

I have linked to my map of the outline of the SE23 postcode area already, but would anyone care to hazard a guess as to the actual area this covers?

Answers in square miles or square kilometers, or even acres if you must, in the comments below.

I was surprised when I calculated it.

Extra mince pie on Saturday for the nearest guess


fourstar said...

4 sq km? Complete stab in the dark!

Robert McIntosh said...

he shoots ... he fires well wide

Robert McIntosh said...

OK, a hint.

You are aiming too low

fourstar said...

Is it just me? Four and a half. Just kidding, I'll go for.....7.29 sq km.

Robert McIntosh said...

closer - of course my "measurement" is an approximation too, but you are getting closer

anyone want to jump in and steal the mince pie from fourstar's sticky mit?