Sunday, 30 December 2007

Walking Hither Green

Congratulations to Wulf for his new plan to walk every street in Hither Green in 2008.

His new blog, Walking Hither Green, has just been set up and considering his photographic skills are vastly greater than mine I am sure it will be worth following.

Good luck Wulf!


Anonymous said...

Wahey! You seem to have started a "meme"!

I know I've not commented much, but I've really enjoyed this blog - and some of the photos have been great - I particularly enjoyed the abstract sky photographs.

Off topic - I've reactivated my Last FM acount - if you'd like to send me that recommendation again.

Good luck to Wulf!

Wulf said...

I particularly hope to get some other people involved in this one. My own blog is all about me and the things I am interested in and engaged in; the new one is intended as a community enhancing project.

Robert McIntosh said...

thanks Richard, those are very kind words.

now that the holidays are drawing to a close, I will concentrate on wrapping it up with some thoughts on the experience.

wulf, that is always the aim and hard to achieve. maybe you could pre-plan the walks, research them, then try and get someone relevant (i.e. relating to the particular locations you pass) to come with you and report on the conversation as well?

My problem was I did it all to learn about the area in the first place, so didn't really know what I was letting myself in for