Monday, 3 December 2007

Getting a bit late now

There are a couple of pockets of streets I have been meaning to walk for a while and never got around to, so with THE FINAL WALK looming, I thought lunch was a good time to do it.

I had a few roads around the South East of SE23 to cover, ones that again are not on my way to a specific place so have been missed out to date. The route was as follows:

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This was around 3 miles and I covered it pretty fast as, for a change, there weren't too many hills.

There were not too many events to report. As expected, the houses on Priestfield Road, Hawksfield Road and Ticehurst Road are all very attractive. This area is relatively quiet, well preserved and reasonable sized houses. I think I have mentioned already that Garlies Road has some very nice houses so I was not surprised.

I was somewhat surprised to find some original-looking Art Nouveau (or is it Deco?) stained glass in a building on Como Road. I didn't take a photo unfortunately, but if you are walking along there, look out for the windows above ground level. Very interesting!

Walking down Perry Hill I was struck by the decorative plasterwork above a series of doors on the houses just over the hill. It is common to about 4 houses in a row, so there must be more to this story than a simple design feature. Does anyone know?

On Priestfield Road I also came across an unusual sight that I have always associated with gas lighting, but to be honest have no idea what it is or how it works. Can anyone help me? You can see them occasionally around London and although I have lived here for a while, I can't say I have ever stopped long enough to consider them - ah the benefits of being a blogger!

What are/were these?

In future I will post some other 'posts' (excuse the pun) that I need to identity.

There are even some nice views of Forest Hill towards the North from here, and, once again, a view of Christ Church (you can see the church on the bottom left of the image, between the tall tree and the palm).

The other common sight, once again, was all the development happening - from large blocks (such as the ongoing development on Stanstead Road/Hurstbourne Road), to houses being re-roofed, re-painted, extended or even gutted and modernised. It is EVERYWHERE!

Nice roads to look at if you are in the market though.

... and ...

finally, back home (after a spot of lunch at The Honor Oak, with a great Club Sandwich and pint of Broadside)


Knit Nurse said...

Coo, that's a lot of mayo! Excuse me while I nip off and make a sarni...

Robert McIntosh said...

yes, and it was a slightly spicy and garlic one too!!

I only dipped a couple of the crisps in as the sandwich was delicious enough

Clare said...

Yes - what are those things? I asked the same of one on Wellmeadow Road in Hither Green and was given two possible options - a sewer vent or an old street lamp turned into a mobile mast.

Let me know if you find out!

Robert McIntosh said...

Still no idea, but am still hoping

good clues, thanks

Katherine said...

Como Road is my road! There are a few houses with original stained glass window panels but they're nothing special. There's one house with a very detailed panel, but it's relatively new (10-15 years I think). Nothing in the road nearly as nice as the glass panels on the Christmas Houses on Perry Vale.

Robert McIntosh said...

Thanks Katherine! I that it would be hard to live up to the wonderful Christmas Houses, but I really must go back and take a picture of the ones I saw, for the record if nothing else.